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Every weave in your carpet is a story!

Stylecreated with Abaca

Every weave in your carpet is a story

Samoya is a high quality hand woven abaca product brand. Embracing creativity, design and color in every weave.

The Samoya brand represents more than just handwoven interior decors. Every weave tells a story. It is a story about people - farmers, harvesters, weavers and everyone who helps us to bring these handcrafted creations to your beautifully designed spaces.

The Samoya name is derived from the Bicolano word "sa amin" meaning "ours". Bicol is a region in the Philippines where abaca is grown. We live by our name and keep the local weaving craft alive while improving lives of the local artisan community.

Every weave in your carpet is a story

Quality and social, a powerful combination!

We work with interior design teams looking for fresh decorative solutions for hotels, resorts, yachts, commercial and residential projects. Our high quality products will add a charming accent to your cozy, welcoming and inspiring space.

Bring elegance and functionality to your interior.

Samoya aims to provide jobs and income opportunities to support the local artisan community as well as contribute to future developments and expansion of living compounds for our artisan team and workspace improvements.

Coloured by Nature

Our products are developed with a clear focus on environmental sustainability. Responsible use of natural resources is one of our core values. Our materials are grown and sourced locally. Abaca is ‘at home’ in the Philippines, no fertilizers are necessary to boost its growth. It does not get more natural than that.

And so it is for our colours! Although we can dye our fibers in any RAL colour you like, we are proud that our main focus is on the use of natural colouring. Together with DOST-PTRI, we have developed a range of vibrant natural colours.

All our natural colours
Samoya's natural colours
Samoya Abaca - A sustainable choice

Sustainability at the core

Abaca is mainly grown in the Philippines and grows without any artificial help or fertilizer. As there is no intensive cultivation required, the soil will hardly be exhausted. Other places in the world do not have this prerequisite condition; an important basis for sustainability.

Abaca cultivation is also environmentally friendly. Planting Abaca minimizes erosion and sedimentation problems in coastal areas, which are important breeding places for sea fishes. The water holding capacity of the soil will be improved and floods and landslides will also be prevented. Abaca waste materials are used as organic fertilizer.

All about the process


Samoya products are handcrafted, from start to finish. Producing Abaca rugs is an art, performed by Artisans. Our factory is driven by a team of dedicated people for whom Abaca is not just a product, it is a way of life.

Meet our Artisans
Samoya is created as art by artisans
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