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Our Team consists of 1 artisans and supporting staff who are at the heart of Samoya.
Samoya Artisan - Jun Polo

Jun Polo

Managing Director - Natural Craft Connection Ent.

Meet the soul of Samoya! Jun's weaving journey officially started in 2000 when he established his own company Natural Craft Enterprises in the province of Bicol. This is also where materials are sourced from even today. Nature seemed to have different plans at the time. The first workshop was destroyed by a volcano - twice. Finally company with all its employees moved to Batangas area. Jun built housing for his employees and kept working. Jun and his artisan team keep creating their masterpieces to this day. Meanwhile Jun is tirelessly working on ways to grow and improve lives of his employees and community.
Creating Samoya brand brings the artisan community closer to the dream of its own abaca plantation to grow and continuously support entire community.

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