Vibrant natural colours

Natural Dye

Ongoing Development

Living up to Natural Craft's name, NCCE is developing new colours from nature's sources. Jointly with DOST-PTRI, a project was commissioned to create new natural tones in a sustainable way. These are the colours we can provide so far.

A safe choice

The colors produced by natural dyes and pigments are vibrant. It is biodegradable, nontoxic and nonallergic too.

Raw materials of Natural Dye are most plant based. Most of Natural Dyes also have antimicrobial properties, making them safer for kids.

Colours come alive

Color shades may vary and difficult to reproduce depending on crop season of agro-products, species to species, maturity etc. Expect 1-2 tones lower/higher from the color swatch above.

The dyed abaca fiber may alter color when exposed to the sun, travail as well as air.
Natural - before Natural - after


Base material used: Abaca [Abaca]

The natural colour nuances of Abaca can range widely from dark to very light brown. It covers all human hair colours: from platinum or golden to ash and dark blond into brown shades all the way to ebony.

Annatto Red-Orange

Base material used: Annatto [Atsuete]

Annatto Red-Orange - before Annatto Red-Orange - after
Buko Old Rose - before Buko Old Rose - after

Buko Old Rose

Base material used: Young Coconut [Buko]

Coffee Brown

Base material used: Coffee pulp [Kape]

Coffee Brown - before Coffee Brown - after
Cogon Yellow - before Cogon Yellow - after

Cogon Yellow

Base material used: Cogon grass [Kugon]

Cogon Yellow is a light yellow color and is abstracted from Cogon Grass also called Imperata Cylindrica.

Indigo Blue

Base material used: Indigo [Indigo]

Indigo Blue is prepared from the Indigo plant. It is a bluish purple colour.

Indigo Blue - before Indigo Blue - after
Mahogany Brown - before Mahogany Brown - after

Mahogany Brown

Base material used: Mahogany wood [Mahogany]

Mahogany Brown is derived from mahogany wood chips.

Talisay Black

Base material used: Tropical Almond [Talisay]

Talisay Black - before Talisay Black - after
Turmeric Yellow - before Turmeric Yellow - after

Turmeric Yellow

Base material used: Turmeric [Luyang Dilaw]

Start your design

With so many nuances in colours at your disposal, reach out to us so we can help you select the colours that would bring out the best in your design.